Explanation of the wallpaper symbols

Labelling of the wallpapers

Wallpapers are marked by stamping on the roll or by a sheet of paper enclosed with the roll. The listed symbols inform the consumer about the production number (important for repeat orders, because wallpapers from different productions can have colour differences.), washability, light resistance, the pattern approach and repeat, the processing and the removal of the wallpaper.

> Light resistance

ausreichend lichtbeständig      Moderate light resistance
lichtbeständig      Good light resistance

> Water and wash resistance

wasserbeständig      Spongeable
waschbeständig      Washable
Cleaning with a damp cloth.
 hoch waschbeständig      High wash resistant
Cleaning with mild soap.
 scheuerbeständig      Scrubbale.

> Fire resistance/ Flammability

Feuerfestigkeit frm1      Fire resistant frm1

> Wallpaper dimensions, widths and lengths

Rollenlänge      Roll lenght
Bahnbreite      Width of the wallpaper roll, usually by the metre

> Pattern approach/repeat

ansatzfrei      Free match
gerader Ansatz      Straight Match
The patterns are pasted next to each other at a constant height
versetzter Ansatz      Offset match
The pattern of the following wallpaper panel is shifted by the offset information in each case..

> Installation

Tapete kleistern      Apply the paste to the wallcovering.
(paste the wallpaper).
Wand kleistern      Apply the paste to the surface to be wallpapered.

> Wallpaper removal

Tapete trocken entfernen      Strippable
The wallpaper can be removed completely dry from the wall
Tapete trocken entfernen      Peel-able
The top layer of the wallpaper can be peeled off dry, the bottom layer remains on the wall as spoilage.
Tapete nass entfernen      Wet removable
The wallpaper must be soaked beforehand so that it can then be removed completely.